We’ve Sponsored

Proud Supporters 

Masnad Health Clinic are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor and support local community initiatives! We’ve proudly sponsored and supported:

Australian Soccer School

If you would like to enhance your child’s soccer talents then look no further than this highly professional Academy that has strong relationships with football agents. They don’t only focus on boosting your child’s physical abilities but to also fine tune their motivation and mindset through psychological programmes. The Masnad team of Physiotherapists and Chiropractors offered on site HEALTH SCREENING ASSESSMENTS to diagnose any issues with flexibility, strength, balance and function before any injury occurs. To the Australian Soccer School Management team you’re doing an amazing job at catering for our youth, keep up the great work and the Masnad team are always here to support you!

For further information check out www.australiansoccerschool.com.au or contact the Director, Aman Hadid directly on 0422 849 132.

Sydney Muslim Cyclists

The Sydney Muslim Cyclists are a social club open to all, with the common denominator being a passion for cycling. Its core focus is to help build bridges within the Australian community through the love of cycling. They actively participate in charitable events such as Sydney to Woollongong ride raising money for Multiple Sclerosis, Ride Your Heart Out raising money for the Heart Centre at Sydney Westmead Children’s Hospital, even self-organised good will rides raising money for those who have had their bikes stolen. The Masnad team are honoured to provide treatment for the SMC riders after long rides!

Want to ride with the Sydney Muslim Cyclists? Then check out www.smcclub.com.au

The White Coats

The White Coats are a dedicated group of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to supporting the homeless, the youth and families in need. Tragically, around 0.5% of the Australian population are homeless, in which almost half are female and most of them with young children. The White Coats provide the homeless with food, clothes and link them to support services. They also cater for youth at risk of being involved in crime by helping them find work, connecting them with programs, assist them in dealing with any drug or alcohol issues and with family mediation. As well as helping women experiencing domestic violence, living in poverty or have just arrived in Australia as refugees by providing them with household items such as fridges, furniture, mattresses to ensure they are protected and sheltered as they deserve. Masnad Health Clinic is always ready to support those supporting those in need.

For more information about The White Coats and for volunteering opportunities check out www.sbs.com.au

The Tumut Cycle Classic

The Masnad Team loves taking part in the Tumut Cycle Classic each year. Tumut is tucked away between the snowy mountains and is surrounded by natural beauty everywhere. To support an event that is raising much-needed funds for vital medical equipment for the neonatal and pediatric departments in Tumut Hospital is priceless.

To sign up for this year’s event check out www.tumutclassic.com.au

LMA Community Wellness Expo

Encouraging better health for our community is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we supported the Lebanese Muslim Association’s Community Wellness Expo! The expo was a unique opportunity for Masnad Health Clinic’s team of health professionals to provide community members with advice, information and sample treatments! With our full team of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Remedial Massage Therapists, Cupping Therapists, Dietitians, Psychologists and Podiatrists present, we were abe to provide a holistic insight to addressing health issues.