Rib Cartilage Injury


Rib cartilage injury is a painful condition. The cartilage injury results in severe pain with deep breaths, especially when coughing. It is essential to understand the function of our ribcage, how it can be injured, and how it can be treated before we proceed with Rib Cartilage Injury.
There are various causes of Rib Cartilage Injury as well as specific Risk Factors associated with it.


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

Between the mid-back and armpit there are nerves and blood vessels that send signals and necessary blood flow which allow for proper movement of the lower neck, arms, and hands. Thoracic outlet syndrome is a condition in which these nerves and blood vessels in the lower neck are restricted, disrupting normal nerve signals and blood vessel function. People with Thoracic outlet syndrome experience discomfort and regular neck pain, back pain, numbness in the arm and weakness of the hand.



What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine bends sideways and twists abnormally.



What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is a spinal disorder where there is increased rounding of the upper back due to an abnormal outward curve of the spine. It also is referred to as “round back,” or in more severe cases, as “hunchback.” It can often be seen in older adults, particularly women, though it can occur at any age.


Scheuermann’s Disease

What is it?

Scheuermann’s disease is a developmental disorder of the spine and is also known as juvenile osteochondrosis of the spine and Calvé disease. Simply put, it is when one side of the vertebrae body grows normally, and the other grows more slowly or abnormally (this is called “wedging”). It usually occurs in the upper back, but can also be found in the lower back.