Shayma Almoty (Psychologist)

Shayma works with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, helping them achieve the changes they need to for a better quality of life. 

Shayma graduated with Honors from The University of Sydney and takes an eclectic approach towards therapy. Shayma enjoys working with people in a dynamic way to help them work through their challenges and bring about positive changes in their lives.

Shayma started out with a keen interest in the psychology of religion and spirituality and worked with head researchers at The University of Sydney looking at how best to promote harmony between school students from different religious backgrounds. Shayma also has extensive experience with psychological injury within the Workers Compensation System and has assisted many patients work through chronic pain and the many aspects of loss that people encounter when unexpectedly injured.

As a wife and mother, Shayma also has a passion for marriage counselling, child rearing, pre and post-natal depression and all other aspects of family life where people may encounter challenging times. Shayma has seen many couples through the darkest times in their marriage and has assisted many families and individuals come through their 'dark times.'

Other areas of interest that Shayma has include, psychological approaches to weight management, anxiety disorders, social phobias and anxiety disorders.