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Fix Your Soccer Knee Injury – An Essential Guide

Of all injuries, the most feared in Soccer is knee injuries. No injury is pleasant, but soccer knee injuries are the particular ones that can bring the whole show crashing down....


Warm Up for Soccer the Correct Way

As the soccer season has commenced, it is known that avid players will be hitting the pitch straight after work or school. Although injuries in sport can sometimes be unavoidable, giving yourself time to warm up prepares your body and is vital....


The Importance of Core Strengthening in Cyclists – In Depth

Cyclists spend many hours in the same position while pushing hundreds of watts through the pedals. When riding, some muscles will be used to hold you in position, while others are working on generating power through the pedals....


Research Update on Core Stability & Cycling

The majority of health professionals are now embracing the concept of CORE stability and its importance in different sporting and training activities – a recent study printed in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” looked at the relationship between core stability and cycling performance....


6 Great Tips to Preventing Cycling Injuries

Imagine two scenarios: A rider rolls in from a 150km training ride on his $7000 bike (his third session for the week), complaining of sharp pain in his knee over the last 25km. Another rider comes home from work after her normal 10km sprint through the traffic, complaining of a sharp pain in her knee when taking off from the lights....